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Anchorage based Greatland Grocery & Supply is an online grocery and supply store focused on meeting the needs of rural Alaskans. Our mission is to help improve access to affordable and high quality staple items for individuals across Alaska. To accomplish this, we have developed an easy to use platform to connect big box value with the needs of rural Alaska while utilizing the most efficient systems for our market.

For grocery sales, Greatland inventories and sources product from entities across Anchorage to fill our orders. We operate this service as a partnership between seasoned Alaskan entrepreneurs and logistics providers combined with various Alaska retailers. This helps improve access to a wider variety of products while offering a high level of convenience for customers at the best pricing possible.

In addition to our primary business of grocery sales, Greatland also operates an online purchase order system for bush Alaska alcohol sales, a free classified and message board service, and the Alaska Marketplace, an online storefront featuring Alaska arts and products.  These ancillary services are offered to further support our primary rural Alaska customer base.

We look forward to earning your business and helping to improve your access to great foods at affordable prices!  Please contact us anytime if we can help answer any questions you may have.