Get Rewards for Your Referrals!


We love referrals from happy customers and appreciate your business! We’d like to reward you for helping to share your experience shopping with Greatland.

Join our affiliate program and we’ll give you 5% of the first purchase from any new customers who find us through your referral added automatically to your account. We’ll give your referral 5% off their first order with us as well!

There is no limit on the number of commissions that can be earned and an overview of our affiliate program can be found below.  

How It works

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become an affiliate?

Simply click the button below to be directed to your custom Affiliate Dashboard where you can complete this step.  Once you have submitted this request, the dashboard will be activated and you have the ability to generate referral links and gain the ability to generate commissions on any new orders received through your referrals.

Click here to Become an affiliate
How do I generate a link that can be shared for referrals?

Once your account is active, simply click on the “generate link” button found in your affiliate dashboard.  This button will generate a custom link associated with your account that allows us to track new users who find us through your specific referral and allocate rewards accordingly.


Simply share this link to begin earning commissions on your referrals.

Where do I share referral links?

Anywhere you like!  You can post to social media sites or distribute through email.  We appreciate you sharing your experience with others however you see fit!

Is there a limit on commissions that I can earn?

No. There are no limits on commissions that can be earned, however, commissions are paid on a new users first purchase with us only.  

Where do I find information on any earned commissions?

Information regarding stats, commissions, clicks, and settings can be found on your Affiliate Dashboard in the My Account menu.

How are commissions paid?

Commissions from our Affiliate Program are paid in the form of store credit to the affiliate’s account.

The affiliate commission paid on new customer referrals is 5% of the referral’s initial purchase with us. So, for example, if a user reaches our site through your affiliate link and completes a total purchase of $100, the commission paid to your account will be $5 (5% of the new customer’s order total).  Affiliate commissions are paid in the form of “Funds” which can viewed at any time in the user’s My Account menu.


Affiliate commission funds can be used at any time for the purchase of items available through Greatland’s website.  Affiliates can draw upon available account funds during the checkout process.  In order to use available funds, the balance of available funds must be equal to or greater than the total value of your purchase.

Are there any terms and conditions associated with the Affiliate Program?

Yes.  See the “Affiliate Program” section in our terms and conditions page for this information.