Co-op Site Host Registration

Before a consolidated Co-op order can be placed on Greatland’s site, we need to establish an entity to receive consolidated Co-op shipments in your community as a first step.  We refer to these entities as a Co-op Site Host.  A Site Host can be an individual, school, local tribal or governmental office or even an independent rural Alaska business.  

To express your interest in serving as a Site Host, please complete the registration form at the bottom of the page.  We will follow up shortly to discuss program details and answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Site Host Responsibilities

Site Host’s for Greatland’s Co-op Program are responsible for:

  • Receiving consolidated Co-op shipments in your community.  Shipments will be delivered to your physical address by local airline agents.  All individual orders within each consolidated Co-op shipment will be packaged and labeled separately.
  • Distributing individual orders to customers within each consolidated shipment received.  Contact information for each individual customer is included as a separate label on the exterior of each individual package.  Your responsibility as a Co-op Site Host will be to ensure that all packages are delivered to or collected by appropriate customers as received.

Site Host Benefits

Greatland offers a 5% commission on consolidated order totals to Site Hosts in the form of reward points.  As an example, if a consolidated Co-op order had a consolidated total value of $2,500 (the sum of all individual order totals within that shipment), 2,500 reward points would be added to the Site Host’s account when the Co-op order ships. 

The 2,500 reward points, worth $125 in savings, could be redeemed on any future Greatland purchases.  Reward points do not expire and can be used with both individual orders or consolidated orders placed through our Co-op Program.

Site Host Registration