Small Produce Basket


Looking for a great deal on some of the freshest produce available in Alaska?  Purchase this basket and save 25% off our standard pricing!

Items included in our produce baskets are selected based on their hardiness and abilities to travel well through any of our offered shipping methods.  Basket cost includes shipping via USPS Priority mail.  Items are hand picked for freshness and shipped in climate controlled packaging to insure it arrives in excellent location at your location.

Add any of our food baskets to your cart as stand along purchase or integrate this basket of items with other groceries that are part of your order as desired.  Purchase as frequently as needed (baskets can be easily reordered from your past purchase history) or whenever you have a desire for excellent produce.  Compare our pricing to other available subscription services and start saving today!


Banana (Each)


Grapefruit - Red (Each)


Kiwi (Each)


Avocado (Each)


Iceberg Lettuce


Carrots (2 lbs)


Cucumbers (Each)


Green Bell Pepper - Large (Each)


Yellow Onions (Each)


Broccoli Crowns

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