About Us

Anchorage based Greatland Grocery is a mail order grocery service dedicated to improving Alaskans’ access to foods and everyday household goods.  Since 2018, we have operated to provide rural Alaskans more affordable access to a wider selection of food products through an e-commerce platform specifically built for our rural Alaska customers. In support of this mission, we offer the largest selection of mail order groceries available to the rural Alaska market with free USPS Priority shipping to any Alaska destination.

In addition to groceries, Greatland also offers various ancillary services to support all of our Alaska customers statewide including:

  • Furniture sales featuring items that are difficult to have shipped to Alaska, primarily Ikea items, with delivery options for every Alaska community
  • Apparel sales primary featuring Alaska Grown items
  • A first-of-its-kind online purchase order system for alcohol sales to Alaska communities allowing for importation
  • A rural Alaska classifieds and message board service
  • A multi-vendor marketplace featuring authentic Alaska Native arts and Alaska made products

We are grateful for our continually expanding opportunities to serve and look forward to helping you get the goods you need faster, easier, and more affordably. We’re always available to you.  Please reach out to us any time we can be of service!