Earn double or triple reward points on Greatland orders and save up to 15% on your purchases through an annual membership!

All memberships allow for bonus reward points to be earned for a period of one year from the membership purchase date.  Points are automatically added to your account as purchases are made and have no expiration date.

Once you have accumulated 250 points, you can redeem points for a $.05/point discount on future purchases.  You will see this discount option presented on the check-out page when the point balance in your account has reached 250 points.

All shoppers receive one point for each dollar spent on all Greatland products except for our discounted food baskets.  Susitna Members earn double points and Denali Members earn triple points on all purchases.  With the extra earned points, the Susitna Membership essentially provides a 10% discount on all products while the Denali Membership offers a 15% discount.

If you spend more than $1,000 shopping with Greatland over a year, the Susitna Membership ($50/year) will pay for itself in savings.  If you spend more than $1,500 shopping with Greatland over a year, the Denali Membership ($150/year) will pay for itself in savings. Memberships are immediately activated as soon as the purchase is completed.  See a comparison of the membership options in the chart below.

Membership Features
Annual Membership Cost
Reward Points Earned per Dollar Spent
Dollar per Point Redemption Rate
Effective Discount
Annual Spend to Recover Membership Cost