Additional Services

Alaska Marketplace

The Alaska Marketplace is a multivendor ecommerce platform (like Etsy) that helps Alaska’s artists and entrepreneurs gain access to a larger market of consumers interested in Alaskan goods. We work to accomplish this through a robust and diverse online marketplace which celebrates the unique culture and spirit of the Greatland.

Furniture Sales

Greatland offers IKEA furniture items which are not typically available for shipping to Alaska.  Our service operates as a last mile delivery provider as items are procured in lower 48 markets upon purchase by customers, barged to Alaska, and then organized for air or USPS shipment to locations across the State.

Bush Order Package Store

The online package store at Greatland Grocery is an innovative partnership formed between Greatland and Gold Rush Liquor for Alaska bush order alcohol sales.  Our site is designed to simplify the responsible purchasing and shipment of beer, wine, and spirits for rural Alaska consumers within the confines of current alcohol importation regulations.

Alaska Classifieds

Just like the message board at the local grocery store, Alaska Classifieds is a free directory that allows users to buy, sell, and trade items and information across the Greatland!  Our service has been designed to for rural Alaska users specifically and open to all.