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Frequently Asked Questions (Grocery)

What does Greatland Grocery & Supply do?

Greatland Grocery & Supply is a smarter way for rural Alaskans to shop for food and supplies. We’ve built a platform to source the best food available and utilize the most cost effective shipping solutions for the rural Alaska market. We have all the irresistibly fresh foods you could want, plus popular and store brands, all for less than you might be paying now. On top of this, we bring your order right to your post office box or your front door if your order qualifies for ByPass mail.We do all of this through a simple to use web interface letting you easily find the items you need and getting them to your rural Alaska location through one transaction.Greatland operates specifically to serve the needs of rural Alaska and to provide more affordable access to a wider array of foods and staples for bush communities. Whether it is bulk goods, personal care products, the freshest produce in Alaska or anything in between, we work to make it easier and more cost effective for rural Alaskans to obtain staple goods and food.Our operations team has extensive logistics experience managing deliveries with Alaska’s unique challenges along with extensive specific experience getting perishables to Alaska’s remote locations.Due to our Alaska based operations and knowledge base, we can provide a level of service and understanding of rural Alaska significantly higher than big box retailers or national online retailers.We are Alaskans serving Alaskans and are privileged for the opportunity to support our rural communities!

I am new to this... How do I shop with Greatland?

Greatland Grocery & Supply makes it easy to shop and order your groceries online. Take a look at the videos above for an overview of how to shop our site or you can always contact us if you have specific questions.While we recommend submitting orders online, you can also submit orders via fax, mail or email, or even by giving us a call during regular hours.To place orders with us offline, utilize our catalog and print oder form linked here.

What items do you sell?

We offer a large variety of products that can be found at big box stores both in bluk and in small quantity.We offer thousands of different items including high-quality fresh food from the best sources in Alaska.Browse our grocery aisles and see what we have including fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and seafood, fine cheeses and deli items, dairy, as well as bakery breads and pastries. We also offer a full selection of the most popular frozen foods and packaged brands of beverages, household items, canned goods and cereal, along with thousands of different home and office staple products so you can do all of your shopping in one stop. If you need it, we likely have it ready to ship to any location in Alaska!If we don’t, let us know what we could offer to better meet your needs and we’ll work to add it to our offerings.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

No, we do not have a minimum order requirement, however, orders less than $130 are assessed a service charge which you will see on the checkout page if your oder falls below this amount. All orders ship free via USPS Priority mail.

I could not find the product I need. Can you order it for me?

We do not complete special orders for items not listed in our store, however, if you have a product suggestion, please let us know. We will work to incorporate it into our shop.

Do you offer certified organic foods?

Yes!We offer a large number of USDA certified organic and are adding more all the time. To browse for organic products, select the “Organic” filter within the main shop.

How do you manage substitutions?

On occasion, substitutions may be made for ordered items if they happen to be unavailable or out of stock at the time of purchase.In this occurrence, we may make minor substitutions as close to your original oder to ensure that you always have the items that you need. If a substitution is necessary, we first try to fill with the next sized up item.If a larger quantity item is not available, we then attempt to substitute with different brand.This is generally a rare occurrence, but we reserve the right to substitute as necessary. If a larger sized product is substituted for what was ordered, the customer will receive this item for the same price charged for the smaller item.In the event that a reasonable substitution cannot be made or if we can not identify one that meets our quality standards, a refund for the particular item is issued and the remainder of purchased items will ship with your order.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, direct bank deposits, SNAP/Quest benefits and purchase orders for business accounts. Customers can also pay by check by mailing us a copy of your order (print a copy of your shopping cart) with payment.Full payment must be received for orders to ship. We do not accept C.O.D. as a payment option.

Do you accept SNAP/Quest card payments?

Yes! Customers paying for their orders with electronic SNAP benefits will need to complete a long distance purchase agreement with Greatland as part of their initial order. This agreement will be presented during checkout on our website and can signed electronically once your first order is submitted.

Can I set up an account with Greatland?

Yes.We can establish an account for your company as desired.We do not offer credit with our accounts, however, accounts can be used to order goods through Purchase Order or to have work crews or other individuals place orders on the company’s behalf. Please contact us for further information.

Where do you ship?

We ship nation wide, but our service is specifically organized to serve rural Alaska. By default, all goods are shipped USPS Priority Mail, however, orders may be shipped via ByPass Mail when they exceed 1,000 lbs. in weight.We also deliver orders to air carriers at Ted Stevens International in Anchorage as requested and can also arrange for personal collection on Anchorage. If your order is shipped via USPS Priority it will be delivered to your local Post Office, however, if shipped ByPass, it will be delivered directly to your home or business via the air carrier’s local agent.All orders headed to Alaska locations ship free via USPS. Additional shipping charges apply to orders shipping to locations outside of Alaska.

How long will it take to process and ship my order?

Orders are processed and shipped on a first come, first serve basis though we strive to ship all orders within 72 hours (three business days). Shipping times vary depending on method shipped and the remoteness of your location.See our shipping information page for further information on available options.

What shipping options do you offer?

By default, all orders are shipped USPS Priority mail including perishable and frozen items. We believe that this is a reasonable shipping method for our Alaska customers, however, Greatland will not be liable for deterioration in quality, suitability, or general safety of any perishable item shipped through USPS or third party carrier.We guarantee that all items will be in excellent condition when released from our control to shippers.Due to the potential of weather delays or other extenuating circumstances in rural Alaska locations, we cannot guarantee that items will be delivered in the established delivery time frames communicated by carriers. Customers bear full risk for this potential, however, we prepare items as best as possible for these unique challenges. It is the customer’s responsibility to consider the potential for delayed delivery, local operational schedules of their Post Office, and other unique considerations at their specific location.While we believe that USPS Priority mail service is reasonable for most rural Alaska locations, you may consider making a larger purchase (over 1,000 lbs) to utilize ByPass Mail delivery if freshness is a significant concern. While there are always exceptions, ByPass mail offers more cost effective pricing and faster delivery with some ability to store goods in climate controlled areas during transport.Customers may also have their orders delivered via common carrier (Air Freight) for the fastest possible delivery and an even higher potential of climate controlled transportation while goods await departure in Anchorage and/or transferred between carriers at hub communities. Customers can select this shipping method during check-out.See our shipping information page for further details.

Can you split my order to ship perishable and non-perishable items through different options?

Yes.During the check-out process, customers have the ability to select different shipping options for:

  1. Non-Perishable Items: Items which do not need to be kept cool.
  2. Chill Items: Items which should be shipped cool and kept at cool temperature (typically below 45 degrees).These items are primary produce and dairy items, but would include any item you may typically find in a cooler at the grocery store.
  3. Frozen Items: Items which need to be kept frozen. These items would include any item you would typically find in a freezer at the grocery store. Additionally, all meats and seafood are shipped frozen.On occasion, certain items such as breads and butters are also shipped frozen to help protect items and help keep other items cool.

On the checkout page, you will see total order weights for all of your items (non-perishable, chilled, and frozen).If the total order weight for all items is greater than 1,000 lbs., we recommend shipping your order USPS ByPass mail.This offers the best value in terms of cost and delivery speed.Nonetheless, customers can select different shipping options for each of the three categories within each order as desired.These options are:

  1. USPS Priority:Shipping for USPS Priority is free for all orders.Normal delivery times can range from 3-7 days. Chilled and frozen items are packed in insulated containers with ice pack.
  2. USPS ByPass Mail: If your order is greater than 1,000 lbs., this option will become available in the checkout screen and your order will be discounted if this option is selected.
  3. Air Freight. Customers can have their orders (or any class of items) delivered by air freight as desired.

While all care is taken to properly package and prepare perishable items for transport, the customer assumes all liability for shipping delays or other extenuating circumstances which could result in damage or spoilage of these items during shipment. We guarantee that all purchased goods will be delivered to the shipper in excellent condition, but Greatland maintains no liability for product damage or spoilage that may occur as a result of shipping delays or the handling of packaging by shippers. See our shipping information page for further information.

How do you keep perishable items fresh?

We start by purchasing the freshest produce, fruits, meats, and seafood possible and only if they appear to be in good condition. Order pickers utilized for this process are specifically trained to identify and select items that best meet this requirement.Second, we select items with the the longest “Sell By” dates. Meats in particular have a short “Sell By” duration of five days and, in some instances, you may receive meats after this date has expired.Rest assured that all meats (and all other goods) are purchased before this expiration date.Third, we freeze certain perishable items to provide greater protection from spoilage during transport. All meats are shipped frozen.On occasion, we also ship butters and breads frozen along with other items which can safely go through freeze/thaw cycles as well.Finally, perishable items shipped by USPS are shipped in insulated packaging with ice packs to help preserve freshness during transportation to your location.While all care is taken to properly package and prepare perishable items for transport, the customer assumes all liability for shipping delays or other extenuating circumstances which could result in damage or spoilage of these items during shipment. We guarantee that all purchased goods will be delivered to the shipper in excellent condition, but Greatland maintains no liability for product damage or spoilage that may occur as a result of shipping delays or the handling of packaging by shippers.See our shipping information page for further details.

The order I received was incorrect... What do I do?

You can buy your groceries online with “peace of mind” with Greatland. If we have shipped you an incorrect grocery item please let us know and we will correct the problem to your satisfaction in this unlikely situation.We will make it right by either shipping the correct item or issuing a refund if it is not available.We cannot issue refunds on any opened or perishable items, so please do not open packaging if you believe any received items are incorrect.

What is your return policy?

We strive to exceed your expectations with our goods and service. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return any non-perishable items for up to fourteen (14) days from the date your purchase is delivered to you.All returns must be in their original, unopened box or packaging and customers are responsible for return postage to ship the item back to Greatland. Once your item is received at our location, we will issue a refund within seven (7) business days.In lieu of accepting a physical return of items, Greatland reserves the right to issue a refund for goods at its sole discretion.

Please contact us if you need to return an item.

Frequently Asked Questions (Alcohol)

Do you sell alcohol directly?

No.  Greatland does not directly sell alcohol listed on the site.  We offer an online purchase order system. This system provides customers living in Alaska communities allowing for alcohol importation an opportunity to build an electronic purchase order meeting State of Alaska requirements which is ultimately filled by our alcohol vendor.  The actual sale of these alcoholic products is managed through separate transaction between the customer and our vendor.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Alcohol orders are not processed for shipment until a signed purchase order and a copy of identification are received by our vendor.  Once this information has been received, orders are promptly processed and usually ship within one to two business days.

Do you ship alcohol anywhere in Alaska?

No.  The State of Alaska along with individual communities maintain detailed regulations regarding alcohol importation.  Not all communities allow for importation.  During checkout, only communities where importation is allowed will show a shipping option for alcoholic products.  If importation is not allowed to a specific community, the website will present a message communicating that no shipping options are available.More information regarding Alaska’s importation regulations can be found on Alaska’s Alcohol & Marijuana Control’s website.

What happens if ordered items are out of stock?

In these occurrences, you will be contacted by our alcohol vendor directly with currently available options for substitutes.

Can non-Alaska residents purchase alcohol for shipment to rural locations?

Yes, but you will need to provide a State of Alaska issued identification which notes your physical address at the location where your order will be shipped to.

Can I purchase alcohol as a gift and have it sent to someone in Alaska?

No. State of Alaska regulations do not allow for this.  Alcohol purchases must be made directly by the same individual the order will be shipped to.  Orders cannot be made for other individuals or placed on someone else’s behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions (Furniture)

Do you inventory furniture items?

No.  Furniture items listed on our site are not inventoried. These items are sourced from retailers in the lower 48 as orders are received.

How long does it take to receive furniture items?

When an order is placed, furniture items generally arrive in Anchorage within four weeks. The time frame could be shorter or longer depending on the weekday an order is placed along with product availability at the specific stores where items are sourced from.

I can't find a specific Ikea item I am looking for... Can you get it?

Most likely!  Our website’s stock status reflects the current inventory at the store’s items will be sourced from at the time of our last update. Our website also includes almost all items offered by Ikea, however, items that were listed as “Out of Stock” at the Ikea store where items are source from at the time of our last update are also listed as “Out of Stock” on our website. Our website hides out of stock products from the general catalog, but you can find them on our site by searching for the item on our website by Ikea’s SKU for the product. Once you have identified the item you are looking for, you can then join a waiting list for the item and we will notify you when it becomes available again. Here’s a short video on how to do this.

Do you ship to locations outside of Alaska?

No.  We do not ship furniture to locations outside of Alaska.

Can you help with furniture items sold by other retailers?

Yes.  In these instances, we’d suggest that you contact our furniture partner, Shop + Deliver for a custom quote.

How does air freight shipping for furniture work?

Greatland offers air freight shipping options for customers living outside of Anchorage.  For furniture, Greatland delivers your order to air carriers for reshipment to your location once your order has been received in Anchorage.  We add a local delivery fee to orders for this option, however, air freight shipping from Anchorage to your location will be charged directly to the customer by the carrier through a separate transaction.  Air freight rates charged by carriers are determined based on the order weight and shipping destination.

Do you accept returns on furniture items?

Returns are not accepted for furniture items unless purchased items are incorrectly supplied.  All furniture sales are final once items have been sourced from our utilized suppliers.  Furniture sales canceled after an order has been placed, but prior to the item being sourced from suppliers, will be refunded less a 15% cancelation fee on the order total.