Community Programs

Greatland’s community programs offer opportunities to work collaboratively towards shared objectives of improving Alaskans’ access to foods and everyday household goods.  Since 2018, Greatland has operated to provide rural Alaskans more affordable access to a wider selection of food products through an e-commerce platform specifically built for our rural Alaska customers.  Join us in our efforts to address food security issues in your community! 


Serve as a food hub for your community

Help your members reduce their food costs by serving as a site host for Greatland’s Co-op Program.  Our Co-op Program, essentially an order aggregator that is integrated within Greatland’s website, provides shoppers with abilities to easily build consolidated orders that meet the requirements for Bypass mail.  By taking advantage of this subsidized shipping method, generally only available to larger commercial entities, shoppers using Greatland’s Co-op program can reduce their food costs by 10-25% from our regular pricing. 

By establishing your organization as a site host for our Co-op Program in your community, you are creating a no-cost option for your members to improve their access to a wider selection of foods while reducing their food expenses.  Learn more about our Co-op Program and the benefits of becoming a site host through the links below.

Provide your members with access to 40,000 groceries

Does your organization offer food assistance programs to your rural Alaska membership?  If so, consider working with Greatland to more efficiently achieve your food security objectives.

Over the course of the pandemic, Greatland has supported numerous rural Alaska entities who have made specific food or gift card purchases on behalf of their members.  Our gift card program makes it easy to provide members with immediate access to expanded food options through a service built specifically for rural Alaskans.

Greatland offers the largest grocery selection of any retailer serving rural Alaska all through a contactless shopping experience.  All orders ship free with USPS and air freight options are also available to every community in Alaska.  Moreover, we also have dedicated order kiosks that can be installed in your community to provide access to our storefront for members without a reliable internet connection or devise.  Learn more about what we have to offer by visiting our store or contact us to discuss your specific objectives and how we could offer support.