Saving and Reward Programs

discounts, sales, and special offers

We work to find the best deals available and pass savings along to you!  In addition to periodic sales and promotions, we offer numerous incentives available to all customers at all times including:

Reward Point Program: Automatically earn 5% cash back on Greatland purchases through our reward point program available to all shoppers.  Reward points are earned for each dollar spent on all Greatland products except for our discounted food baskets.  Reward points can be redeemed for a $.05/point (5%) discount during checkout once your balance reaches 250 points.

Membership Program: Earn 2x or 3x points on your orders with the purchase of an annual membership to ratchet up your savings up to 15% cash back on your purchases.

Food Baskets: We offer numerous different food basket options which offer a 10-30% discount off of our normal prices.

Referral Rewards: Help us spread the news of our services through social sharing and receive store credits on any new order received through your referrals.  Learn more here.

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While we can ship through different options, all orders ship free through USPS Priority mail to any location in Alaska.  Our service fee is also waived if your total order meets our minimum size. To protect perishables, chilled and frozen items are shipped in insulated packaging with gel packs via USPS Priority. 

In addition to USPS Priority, customers can select air freight options or ship via ByPass Mail if the order qualifies to receive deep order discounts. 


Shopping with Greatland gives you the same purchasing power as larger entities when you buy in bulk.  When you purchase more than 1,000 lbs. with any order, we offer the option to have your order shipped via bypass mail.  This shipping option offers the greatest value possible by substantially reducing both the cost (10-25%) and shipping time for your order.  

Bypass mail, as the name suggests, bypasses the postal system all together.  For applicable rural Alaska orders, your purchase is delivered to participating air carriers in Anchorage for shipment.  Once delivered to your community, your order is brought to your door by your local agent.

As you build orders, you’ll see total weight information displayed in your shopping cart and on the checkout page.  Keep shopping, combine orders with your friends and neighbors, or create your own food co-op within your community to get your order up to 1,000 lbs. and realize big savings!