Co-op Program

Consolidate Shipping for Big Savings


Program Benefits

Greatland’s Co-op Program offers easy access to the discounted USPS Bypass shipping utilized by rural Alaska’s grocery stores, schools, and merchants.  Bypass, used to ship the majority of frozen, chilled, and dry groceries to rural Alaska, is the lowest cost shipping option available.  In addition to considerable cost savings, Bypass mail has delivery times as fast as USPS Priority Mail while offering the same protection of perishable items as air freight.  By working together with others in your community, Greatland’s rural Alaska customers can realize significant cost savings, better protection of perishables, and the fastest shipping available!

Pay less for your groceries

By shopping with our Co-op Program, customers can have their orders ship Bypass which results in a considerable reduction in total order cost.  During checkout, you’ll see the savings that can be realized by shipping Bypass through our Co-op Program displayed in the shipping section.

Protect chilled and frozen groceries during shipping

By shipping Bypass, Co-op orders are stored in shippers coolers and freezers during transport.  This provides the same level of protection for perishable items as Air Freight without the added expense.

Get the same delivery speed as USPS Priority

Bypass mail shipments are transported at the same speed as USPS Priority Mail.  This service is the generally the fastest shipping option available in rural Alaska.  

Program Resources

With our Co-op Program, customers act as localized purchasing groups within specific communities to consolidate individual orders into one Bypass mail shipment.  Greatland makes it easy for our rural Alaska customers to more efficiently meet the requirements of Bypass mail by:

  • Maintaining a platform where smaller, individual customer orders can be easily grouped to create one, consolidated shipment meeting Bypass’ 1,000 lbs. weight requirement. Co-op Program customers can also manage individual purchases and monitor the status of consolidated Co-op shipments directly through the My Account menu.
  • Providing tools to facilitate community collaboration regarding consolidated purchases. Communicate and receive notices regarding Co-op activities through our Facebook Co-op Message Board.  Receive additional customer rewards by encouraging others to shop with our Co-op Program through customer referrals.
  • Establishing and managing a network of Site Hosts for each community. Site Hosts are responsible for receiving Bypass shipments and distributing individual orders to customers.  Learn more here.

How it Works

The basic steps of placing and receiving Co-op orders are described below.  For additional details on the process, check out the video link at the bottom of the page.

  1. Select the Co-op Purchase option and your community as the shipping destination during checkout. If your community isn’t listed, consider becoming a Co-op Site Host.  Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Site Host here.
  2. Place your Co-op Order and reach out to other community members to help bring the consolidated order weight 1,000 lbs. Monitor order status in your account while utilizing communication tools such as our referral program or Facebook Co-op Message Board.
  3. Once the consolidated Co-op Order weight reaches 1,000 lbs., all individual orders are separately packaged and dispatched as one, consolidated Bypass shipment to your community.
  4. The consolidated Bypass shipment is received by the Co-op Site Host in your community.  Individual orders are then collected by or distributed to customers.

Program Overview