Co-op Program Overview

While all Greatland shoppers have the ability to ship their orders through discounted freight options (Bypass mail), it can be challenging to reach the 1,000 lb. weight requirement associated with this particular shipping method.  By consolidating individual orders shipping to a particular community, shoppers can gain access to this discounted shipping method easier and realize significant cost savings.  Greatland’s website can be utilized a platform to create these consolidated orders in order to meet Bypass Mail requirements.  We call this our Co-op Program.

Though our Co-op Program, customers act as localized purchasing groups within specific communities to consolidate individual orders into one By-Pass mail shipment.  Thus, individual Greatland customers are able to reduce their total order costs by 10-25% by simply working together and coordinating their purchases. 

Bypass Mail shipments in Alaska are generally delivered within the same time frame of U.S. Priority Mail (2-5 days).  Unlike standard US mail, however, Bypass shipments are delivered outside of the postal service’s network.  Bypass shipments are ultimately delivered to the recipient’s physical address (not the Post Office) by local airline agents.  In addition, chill and freeze packages within Bypass shipments are also stored in coolers between flights as done with general Air Freight.  Bypass offers the delivery speed of US Priority Mail with the climate protection of Air Freight at a cost significantly below any other shipping method available in rural Alaska.  Learn more about Bypass mail on our shipping information page.

Co-op Program Details

Co-op Program benefits are realized primarily through individual shoppers’ abilities to realize cost savings by consolidating their purchases with others in order to utilize Bypass shipping.  This shipping method requires shipments to be at least 1,000 lbs in weight which can be more easily achieved through larger, consolidated orders created through the program.

As orders are built, individual order weights are tracked in customer’s shopping carts.  Discounts that can be realized once an order meets Bypass requirements will be displayed on the check-out page with along with other available shipping options. 

We make our Co-op Program available so that individuals within any community eligible for Bypass can take advantage of this shipping option by working together.  Through utilization of Bypass shipping and Greatland’s associated discounts, total cost savings of 10-25% on individual orders can be realized through participation with our Co-op Program.

Greatland’s Co-op Program is open to any rural Alaska customer that lives in a community serviced through Bypass mail.  With a few exceptions, almost every rural Alaska community has access to Bypass mail service.

The process for submitting an order through our Co-op Program is described below, however, Greatland must first approve a Co-op Site Host for your community before a consolidated order can be created.  Co-op Site Hosts can be an individual, a school, a local tribal or governmental group, or even another local business in your community. 

Co-op Site Hosts are responsible for receiving consolidated shipments through the program and then distributing individual orders to the respected customers.  Greatland offers Co-Op Site Hosts a 5% commission on the consolidated order value of shipments as compensation for their efforts.  To communicate your interest in becoming a site host, please complete our Site Host registration form.

Co-op Account Purchase Process

The following outline provides information on the process of placing and fulfilling co-op purchases:

  1. Contact Greatland to communicate your interest in establishing a co-op account within your community.  Through this communication, we’ll collect your contact information which will be shared via our website so that others in your community will know who to contact if interested in participating.  Co-op accounts can be established for any group of buyers who would like to make consolidated purchases to receive shared benefits including individuals, for profit, or non-profit business entities.
  2. Establish your own management procedures on how your co-op will be managed.  You may want to consider how/when orders should be collected from members for consolidated, how payments will be collected from your members, how orders will be distributed once received, and how realized savings will be shared.  These procedures can be as simple or as detailed as required for your specific group, but can help ensure that your members have a good understanding of the process you will follow.
  3. Have individual members build their orders on our website.  Once orders are built, your members should complete the check-out process by selecting “Purchase Order or Co-op Order” as the payment method.
  4. You members will receive a system message noting order information, including total order weight, when the order is placed.  These emails can be forwarded by members to the co-op representative as appropriate for consolidation.
  5. Once you have received enough member orders to meet the 1,000 lb requirement, a new consolidated order will need to be built on our website.  Complete the check-out process while selecting ByPass Mail as the shipping method.  The consolidated order will be processed for shipment when payment has been received.
  6. Receive your consolidated order at your location and distribute purchased items to your members as appropriate.  Please note that we are unable to separately package individual member orders.  Some sorting of items will be required once consolidated orders are received.
  7. Distribute realized cost savings or dividends to your members as appropriate.