While individual shoppers have the ability to ship their orders through discounted freight options (ByPass Mail), it can be challenging to reach the 1,000 lb order requirement to utilize this particular shipping method.  By consolidating orders within a particular community, all shoppers within the purchasing group can gain access to this discounted shipping method easier to realize significant cost savings.  We call this our Co-op Program.

Our Co-op Program members are localized purchasing groups who work together as individual buyers to place consolidated orders with Greatland to realize savings.  Each Co-op Program member can establish a management structure as formal or as in-formal as appropriate for their members, but are responsible for organizing collective purchases among their group.  We provide the tools and and framework to help facilitate this activity.

Through a combination of reduced shipping costs and order discounts offered by Greatland, Co-op Program participants can realize total savings of 10-25% on their purchases.

Co-op Program Details

Program benefits are realized primarily through individual shoppers’ abilities to realize cost savings by consolidating their purchases with others in order to utilize ByPass Mail shipping.  This shipping method requires shipments to be at least 1,000 lbs in weight which can be more easily achieved through larger, consolidated orders.

As orders are built, total order weights are tracked in your shopping cart and the discounts that can be realized once your order qualifies for ByPass Mail will be displayed on the check-out page with available shipping options.  We make our co-op program available so that individuals within any community eligible for ByPass mail can take advantage of this method by working together.

ByPass mail is shipped via air carriers and, generally, offers the delivery speed of USPS Priority mail at the lowest shipping cost of any available option.  We pass these freight savings along to our customers when orders qualify.  In addition, because most all food stuff for rural Alaska is shipped ByPass mail, participating air carriers also maintain processes and climate controlled facilities to ensure excellent handling of your order.

Finally, Greatland also offers bulk order discounts for any order that exceeds 1,000 lbs.  Through utilization of ByPass Mail and our offered discounts, total cost savings of 10-25% on your order can be realized with co-op purchases.

Greatland’s platform may be used to support consolidated purchases through our Co-op program.  Co-op accounts must be established in order to utilize our program and further information regarding this process can be found in the section below.

Individual shoppers can use our platform to build orders that will ultimately be shared and consolidated into a larger purchases as desired by selecting the “Purchase Order or Co-op Order” payment method during checkout.  In this occurence, no personal order will be processed by Greatland and the order details are made available via email to support collective purchases by co-op representatives.

Greatland assumes no liability with individuals who may purchase items as part of a collective purchase made by a co-op representative.  Greatland’s liability for order fulfillment and shipment remains solely with the co-op account holder as outlined in our terms and conditions.  The co-op account holder or its representative is responsible for establishing and following its own operational, financial, legal, or general responsibilities established with its own members as deemed appropriate.  Co-op account holders are responsible for the payment of items purchased through Greatland which may or may not be a consolidation of items purchased on behalf of its members for any order placed with us.

While we maintain no liability for any activity or agreements made by and between a co-op account holder and its members, we reserve the right to suspend any account based on member reports of abuse or improper management activity.

All orders placed through our co-op program must be at least 1,000 lbs in weight and shipped via ByPass Mail.  Please see our shipping information page for further details.

Co-op Account Purchase Process

The following outline provides information on the process of placing and fulfilling co-op purchases:

  1. Contact Greatland to communicate your interest in establishing a co-op account within your community.  Through this communication, we’ll collect your contact information which will be shared via our website so that others in your community will know who to contact if interested in participating.  Co-op accounts can be established for any group of buyers who would like to make consolidated purchases to receive shared benefits including individuals, for profit, or non-profit business entities.
  2. Establish your own management procedures on how your co-op will be managed.  You may want to consider how/when orders should be collected from members for consolidated, how payments will be collected from your members, how orders will be distributed once received, and how realized savings will be shared.  These procedures can be as simple or as detailed as required for your specific group, but can help ensure that your members have a good understanding of the process you will follow.
  3. Have individual members build their orders on our website.  Once orders are built, your members should complete the check-out process by selecting “Purchase Order or Co-op Order” as the payment method.
  4. You members will receive a system message noting order information, including total order weight, when the order is placed.  These emails can be forwarded by members to the co-op representative as appropriate for consolidation.
  5. Once you have received enough member orders to meet the 1,000 lb requirement, a new consolidated order will need to be built on our website.  Complete the check-out process while selecting ByPass Mail as the shipping method.  The consolidated order will be processed for shipment when payment has been received.
  6. Receive your consolidated order at your location and distribute purchased items to your members as appropriate.  Please note that we are unable to separately package individual member orders.  Some sorting of items will be required once consolidated orders are received.
  7. Distribute realized cost savings or dividends to your members as appropriate.